Where is Martha


Where is Martha? If you hang around the waterfront in Havre de Grace long enough you will hear that question -- especially if you are recognized as a skipjack volunteer. Skipjack Martha Lewis left Havre de Grace in mid-November 2013 and has yet to return.  She is dry-docked at Port Covington in Baltimore at Tidewater Yacht Service Center.  She has been on the hard for the past two years awaiting the funding needed to complete her restoration. BUT WE ARE NOW READY TO BEGIN!

Her current problems began even before the January 2014 haul out. In March 2013 it was discovered that her mast had seriously deteriorated and was unsafe for future use. Nevertheless, she managed a trip up the Bay to Havre de Grace without her mast, for summer restoration work. 

But funds were limited and additional wood rot was discovered -- her full restoration could not be completed.  In order to avoid the fast approaching winter weather on the Susquehanna River, Bill Mylett and Brady Stroh motored Martha back to Port Covington the week before Thanksgiving 2013. 

In the many months since Martha's return to Baltimore, her restoration has proceeded in fits and starts. Two attempts to "splash" her were made in late October and early November 2014. But she refused to swell or "take-up" and was never able to float on her own.  She returned to the hard where she remains today. A number of people have worked hard and spent a lot of their personal resources to try to get Martha back in the water, including MAJOR efforts by former Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy executive director and current board member, Cindi Beane. But many more resources are needed, from many more people for the job to get done!

Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy, Martha's owner and operator, is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in Havre de Grace, MD. Members, volunteers, and other supporters, concerned about the sixty year old skipjack's future, are stepping up to provide support to the Conservancy's restoration efforts. 

We hope you will join us in our efforts to bring Martha home to Havre de Grace.  She is sorely missed in those who restored her over twenty years ago.  Martha turned 60 this year.  Together we will give her what she needs to serve us for another twenty years.