Many of the documents and drawings created when Martha was restored in 1993-94 have been scanned.  These documents are stored in the cloud and are viewable here. Other information such as part descriptions and supplies will be added to provide a resource for maintenance activities. This is a work in progress.

     Standards for Wooden Vessel Hull Maintenance (7-95): NVIC   (VIEW)    
Index of all USCG inspection circulars (VIEW)

     1994 Restoration photographs   (VIEW)

     1994 Restoration drawings  (VIEW)

     1998 Survey  (VIEW)

Burton tackle for boom lift

JD Homemade Varnish Recipe: An Old Down East Deck Coating Formula

Used on wooden decks for schooners, fishing boats, and porch decks. Makes for an amber finish. To customize the mixture, add more pine tar for a darker color or add less for a lighter color. Allow more drying time for the darker mixture.

Turpentine1 qt
Boiled Linseed Oil1 qt
Pine Tar1/2 pt
Japan Drier1/2 pt

* Covers approximately 100 square feet.