Restoration Working Group

A working group within CHC that is responsible for the physical restoration, preservation, and maintenance of Skipjack Martha Lewis should be created and charged with the following responsibilities:

1. The working group and its members would be responsible for the physical restoration and maintenance of the Martha Lewis. They would routinely and thoroughly report their activities to the CHC board through the working group director;

2. The working group director may or may not be a member of the board. The director would serve at the will of the board;

3. The working group director, in active coordination with the group's members, would assess, plan, schedule, execute, and supervise all restoration, preservation, and maintenance activities on the Martha Lewis;

4. Outside advice from ship surveyors, shipwrights, and other technical experts would be pursued and coordinated by the working group;

5. The working group would use a group of volunteers to complete any work that can be done without incurring direct costs to CHC -- that is, all work that can be completed by volunteers, without compensation;

6. Recommendations for work that would result in direct financial cost to CHC would be submitted by the working group to the board for board approval. The board would have to review and approve a budget for all work of that nature;

7. The working group will keep the CHC board and the community informed of progress. Keeping the community informed of work on the boat will help rebuild trust and hopefully, stimulate financial and other types of support;

8. The working group and its director will work in very close coordination and communication with the CHC board. Frequent, honest, and open communication will be critical to success.

9. The working group will provide support to the fund raising and capital formation activities of CHC with active communication to the board and the community on restoration progress. This will be accomplished via the restoration website, social media, public presentations, meetings with present and potential benefactors, and onsite visits to the restoration project.

10. The immediate "macro" tasks of the working group would be to: get Martha floating; set up a preservation work site in Havre de Grace; get Martha back to Havre de Grace; complete her restoration there; regain her certificate of inspection; and maintain Martha in top notch sailing condition. A project plan to identify and schedule the myriad tasks required to achieve these goals would be the first order of business for the working group.