More about Friends of Martha

An informal group of persons from a variety of backgrounds, affiliations, and interests has formed to encourage and support the restoration of the Skipjack Martha Lewis (Martha). The organization charged with the preservation, maintenance, and operation of the Martha Lewis is Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy (CHC) and its Board of Directors.  

Our informal group, which we are calling Friends of Martha Lewis (Friends), will act as a support group to the formal CHC organizational structure.  Both supporters of Martha and the CHC Board of Directors are concerned about the slow progress of Martha's restoration. This Friends group will be working with the CHC Board to help move the process along and meet the significant challenges that remain.

In order for the Friends group to provide useful help, it must continue a productive dialog with the CHC board.  The board does, after all, provide the leadership and fiduciary accountability for the member supported 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the State of Maryland.  Specifically, the group needs to understand the details of the CHC financial situation; its Martha Lewis restoration plan; its organizational structure and officers; its operational and capital funding plan; and its time table for recovery. We need to know how to help. As we see it, five basic things must be done in order to succeed:

1. Rebuild trust and respect in the community
2. Grow a motivated, open, and inclusive leadership team
3. Involve members, volunteers, and supporters in that team
4. Encourage active community participation - don't just ask for money
5. Build a knowledgeable and committed restoration/operations team

As we move forward with CHC to address these issues, we will post information on a Friends of Martha Lewis Facebook page and here at

We hope you will join us in our effort to help CHC bring Martha back home to Havre de Grace. She is sorely missed in the City and County that restored her twenty years ago.  

Martha turns 60 this year.  Let's help CHC make it the year of her rebirth!