Restoration Agenda

2017-18 Restoration Planned Tasks


As we move forward with Martha's restoration we will post here specific restoration activities that are being planned, executed, and completed.

Summary of large scale tasks that need to be completed:
  • Inspect all standing rigging for compliance with new stricter USGC standards
  • Restore long list of issues on decks and in cabins
  • Restore and service engines, pumps and electrical system
  • Get all safety and deck general items back in compliance with USCG rules
  • All standing and running rigging must be serviced, installed, and inspected
  • Prepare to restore USCG Certificate of Inspection. Martha's COI was revoked Sept 2014. This will require close coordination with USCG. A new stability test may or may not be required. USCG will guide us through the recertification process
  • Recruit and train crews. USCG will require more formal and rigorous training than has been done in the past. The drug testing program will also have to be revived.

Specific work items no specific order 
  • starboard fuel tank needs cleaning and gasket replacement
  • new mast must be cared for until stepping
  • replace davit board
  • inspect standing rigging for new USCG standards
  • inspect and assess condition of all sails
  • battery bank needs to be secured and maintained
  • topsides deck restoration 
  • restore all running rigging
  • restore ballast racks and reinstall ballast
  • centerboard lift block needs to be replaced -- completely dryrotted
  • Standing rigging and mast stepping
  • centerboard metal strap is broken -- centerboard needs some attention
  • yawl boat hull and engine mounting thwarts need complete restoration 
  • need yawl boat quarter line capstans
  • starboard and port side pinrails need to be replaced on shrouds
  • replace/repair all mast hoops — will need some new ones
  • yawl boat umbilical inspection and servicing is needed
  • electrical inspection and servicing for lighting, pumps, engines
  • new electrical panel should be considered in main cabin
  • winder engine and housing to be restored by ODEC
  • fuel valve schematic and labeling needs to be done
  • taffrail "pin" needs to be re-inserted
  • need to have new sails and sail covers made
  • cabin interiors need to be restored  - fore and aft
  • inspect fore and aft cabins for rotten wood - replace/repair where necessary 
  • inspect steering worm gear and service if needed (probably needs grease)
  • grey painted surfaces - need  repainting (stanchions and other metal)
  • mast boot and wedges need to be replaced
  • new fire extinguishers 
  • new life rings (large and small) must be procured
  • Inspect and replace defective PFDs
  • new VHF radio and depth sounder