Ruby - Our Poquoson Log Canoe


Ruby was entrusted to the care of CHC by Randolph O. George of Snow Hill, MD in October of 2010.  Ruby is a three log Poquoson canoe built in the 1890s by a Charles Smith of Poquoson, Virginia. 

 She is 32 feet on deck, and including the bowsprit and rudder her length overall (LOA) is about 38 feet.  Her draft is 16 inches with the centerboard up and 36 inches with it down.  

She has an 8 foot beam.  Ruby is fastened with 1/2 inch iron rod and her "chunks" are fastened in the same manner.  Her keel log measures about 4 feet across and with the exception of a small strip, she is log to the gunwale.  

At her keel she is about 6 inches thick, tapering to 4 inches at the chines to 2 inches at the gunwales.

Ruby is sloop rigged with a 39 foot laminated pine mast and a 20 foot white cedar boom.  She carries a working jib and mainsail, both with two sets of reef points.  She is powered by a circa 1913 Grey Marine single cylinder "make or break" engine and turns a 17 inch two-bladed wheel.  According to a previous owner, Joseph W. Fehrer, "...although she is not a racing canoe, she is very sailable and would, I think, lend herself quite well for on the water interpretive work."

Ruby's specifications (from January 2006 notes by Randy George):      

Length on deck:         32' 0"
Length overall:          38' 1.5"
Mast height:              36' 7" (from step)  36' 3" (from bottom)
Mast rake:                 10.5 degrees
Mast center:              8" thick at deck
Boom length              23' 1" (mast center)
Beam (widest)           7' 4"
Hounds:                    26' 4" (from deck) 28' 3" (from step)
Bowsprit:                  4' 9"