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1/23/15: Check your email and our FB page for a detailed letter on where we are heading with our support of the Martha Lewis restoration.
1/22/15:  Since we only found out this morning that the board meeting was open, it was impossible for any of the Friends group to be there tonight. But Mitch Mitchell tells us that the next meeting is at 6pm on February 19 and that all are welcome. He also reports that nothing much happened at the meeting tonight. Apparently there are no pressing issues. (??????)
1/22/15: It has been confirmed that the CHC Board of Directors will be meeting tonight (Thursday) at 5:30 PM. We have also heard that the board is now open to all interested parties. That is great news! If you go, do it in the spirit of constructive participation -- forward and positive action will be welcomed and appreciated. Unfortunately, we do not know where the meeting is being held.  Also unfortunately, CHC has no public information person that can be contacted for such inormation. This is one of the transparency issues which will hopefully be addressed by the board very soon!!
1/18/15: It is still very quiet out there.  We saw the CHC newsletter, but that still leaves us wondering about the restoration plan -- both financially and operationally. We have heard, but cannot confirm, that the board is meeting this week to elect new officers.

1/15/15: Communications to the CHC board and supporters of Martha have been sent out.  We await feedback from the board and hope that we will hear from them in the very near future.  

1/14/15: A Friends of Martha Lewis FaceBook page has been opened.

1/14/15: A number of communications are being initiated to the CHC board of directors to offer support and ask for detailed information on the organizational, operational, and financial plans for restoring Martha Lewis to health.  So far no one from the board has responded to the recent FaceBook posts and comments. The board remains silent!

1/11/15: A group of concerned supporters of Martha met informally on Sunday to discuss how they may most effectively encourage and support the full restoration of our treasured skipjack.